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Sound Healing and the Connie Wright Method

What is sound healing?


Holding an Advanced Diploma in Music, Certificate 4 in Music and a Reiki Master in healing, Connie Wright founded a very unique method for vocal and music coaching called the Connie Wright Method (©2010).


The Connie Wright Method teaches one to develop voice and vocal ability, grow musicality, open and promote creativity, and channel the ability to heal through the vibration of ones own voice (sound). This healing energy is evident in Connie’s personal mantra:


Rise above the physical, strip away the flesh. Become the energy you are. We are all but one. Connected to all, by all; by everything and everyone.” – Connie Wright


Using this unique technique, Connie has been able to help students overcome their inhibitions and find confidence in their musical talent. This has led many to further their career in music including live performance, recording original tracks and professional auditions.


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