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Music Teachers online

Coaching and Classes

We are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. We offer musical education and coaching programs that can be tailored to each students needs. Guided by their vocal /Music coach (aka teacher), students make their own musical choices and we develop an education plan for each unique individual student. As part of each student’s plan we include recordings (professional) of their own music or cover material , participate in live performances and prepare for professional engagements and/or every type of audition



Solo Vocal Coaching Sessions

Our solo vocal coaching sessions include


  • One on one private vocal sessions with an accredited, qualified and experienced vocal coach/teacher
  • Fully Qualified vocal development teqniques
  • Professional Recordings
  • Access to our extensive and diverse music library
  • opportunities for creative writing sessions
  • take home digital rehearsal pack
  • Performance coaching
  • Sound Healing Treatments as optional ( Connie Wright Method (©2010).


Group Vocal Coaching Sessions

Being part of a vocal group is a great way to learn how to work and socialise with other musicians and singers. Its a great way to start as a begginer or if you'd like to learn how to harmonise and develop your ear for music. It gives you a great understanding of chord progressions and is open to all types of genres and ages. We have a few different types of group classes depending on begginers to advaced, and of course, depending on age so you will be in a group that suits your needs accordingly. All Group vocal coaching sessions include:


  • group session with an accredited, qualified and experienced vocal coach
  • choose between a begginers to advanced group
  • choose your age appropriate group
  • access to our extensive and diverse music library

  • professional recording sessions
  • Performance coaching
  • sound healing treatments as optional ( Connie Wright Method (©2010).


A capella Group Sessions

While daunting for some, this is a fantastic confidence booster where we take away any backing tracks and let your voices make the music.  Our A capella group sessions include:

  • monthly meetings/sessions

  • runs for two hours

  • rehearse a vast genre of medleys

  • focus on harmonies

  • helps develop the ear and understanding chord progressions

  • are always fun and full of laughs.


Music Instrument Classes

We offer a range of musical instrument classes. All lessons are taught by well accreited, fully qualified and experienced teachers. All music classes include professional recordings of all songs learnt, performance coaching and opportunies. Our music classs include:

  • guitar
  • Piano
  • drums/ percussion
  • Bass Guitar
  • Professional recordings of all songs learnt
  • Performance opportunies and coaching


All Music lessons are one on one private lessons.