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About Connie Wright and School

Connie Wright, School Director and founder of the Connie Wright Method (©2010), has over 20 years music industry experience including writing, recording, producing, performing, touring, teaching and healing.


At 14 years of age, Connie sang in school bands performing covers of popular hits that would later become an illustrious career in the Australian cover band market. This career took Connie on tours across Europe, China, Singapore, Oman Muscat, Papua New Guinea and back home in Australia.


Connie has performed with various artists such as Vanessa Amorosi, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Ross Wilson, Taxi Ride, and CDB and supported international acts including Celine Dion and Brian McFadden.  She has also appeared on television shows including Hey Hey It?s Saturday, The Midday Show with Kerry Ann, Good Morning Australia and In Melbourne Tonight (IMT).


A musical chameleon, Connie has proven her versatility by performing a range of genres and working with bands as big as seventeen to as little as three members. Her diverse music shows have included theatrical costumes, extensive choreography, original compositions and intimate settings.


In amongst this busy music career, Connie has established herself as an original music artist writing, recording and producing independently funded music. She has also guided many others through their own career ventures along the way.


This wonderful career has lead to the Connie Wright School of Music Art, Singing and Sound Healing that sees Connie focus on her true passion, which is to help others grow their music talent and creativity, and heal using the Connie Wright Method.


Over the years, Connie and the School have been fortunate enough to partner up with Hollywooods famous music organisation called Hollywood Immersive.   Holllywood Immersive is a wonderful plattform that gives all artists, singers and musicians, the chance to work with USA's most famous producers, managers and mentors.  Connie travels to Hollywood where she is a part of the mentoring team that allows artists from all over the world work and learn from producers and managers of Katy Perry, Christiana Aguilira, just to name a few! 


The Connie Wright School is also partnered up APRA's major ambassidor, Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl). Tania is one of Australia's most talented and well known writer's who has written number 1 hits for many well known artists such as Samantha Jades number 1 hit "What youve done to me", and many more! Tania helps and guides students to become better wtiters and artists.  Tania and Connie hold Masterclasses for students interested in learning more about  Music, artisty, writing, voice and about the industry.


With all of this behind her, Connie now enjoys watching her students grow and learn from her vast knowledge and experience within the industry and with her love for music, singing, performing, writing, recording and most of all, teaching!  Her love and zest for teaching has lead to an amazing community within her school of studnets of all ages, and genres. From begginers to advancved, she welcomes all new students with abundance of love.





Connie Wright with Guy Sebastian