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The Connie Wright School of Music Art, Singing and Sound Healing provides a variety of services for aspiring and seasoned musicians, singers, artists, children and beginners across Melbourne’s suburbs. We believe in empowering growing talent, nurturing creativity, encouraging diversity, providing a supportive environment and embracing individuality. No matter what your music ability is, we will help you navigate your way to become the singer, artist and performer you want to be.

Ranging from young to adult begginers, children, teenagers, advanced musicians/singers or someone just wanting personal growth in music and singinig, we welcome you all and pride ourselves in tailoring sessions and programs that are specifically made to suit you and your needs in order to grow, learn and become what you aspire to be.


Our qualified teachers and production team take a more holistic approach to music with:



Whatever you feel your strengths or weaknesses are, we aim to build your confidence and give you the personal experiences and tools to grow as a musician, singer or artist.

Connie Wright dancing